Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

If you just brought your first bearded dragon you must be very excited and want to know how to give your beardie the best care to ensure it becomes a happy and healthy family pet. This care sheet outlays all of the most important factors about caring for your be-loved pet. Keep reading to find out more…

These reptiles are widely accessible in the United States and it is quite straightforward to purchase a bearded dragon in the local pet store or you can order on the internet for more exotic species to be shipped directly to your home from foreign suppliers.

Before your beardie arrives to your house, you must set up his or her cage and have food for your beardie as well. Here is the list of must -haves:

Suitable cage with secure screen top and sturdy tank stand

Glass Tanks are the most popular enclosures for owners. It’s easy to clean and you can see your pet in action easily and is a great focus point in a room. If you look around you might be able to find a free glass tank which is perfect for your pet. Just make sure you put tank background on the back and the side of the glass tank to make your pet feel more secure.

Now let’s talk about the size of the tank. If the tank is too small your dragon may feel crammed with no room to move and if the tank is too large it will make catching live insects too hard especially for a baby bearded dragons. If your dragon is less than 12 inches a 20 gallon tank will be fine, if your dragon is bigger than 12 inches long you need to upgrade to a 40 gallon tank or larger.


Bearded dragon experts seem to have different views on what the best substrate is. A common and sensible approach is keeping baby dragons with no substrate. After your pet grows to 10 inches you can put washed play sand in the enclosure.

Basking perches

Bearded dragons love climbing. So make sure to get basking perches for your pet to play and rest.


Reptiles need UVB light to produce Vitamin D3 which is essential for their bone health. Florescent bulbs are great for your pet. Check out Amazon for a much lower price than the pet store.


Bearded dragons live in the desert and they need heat to digest food so they thrive in a warm environment. Standard light bulbs are perfect to provide heat for your pet. If you have a tall enclosure, a spot light would be better to ensure the basking area is warm enough. A temperature of 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit is necessary in the basking spot for your beardies’ digestive system to function properly.

Nourishing your beardie – what do bearded dragons eat?

The must have food items for your bearded dragon include a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and insects, which are essential for a healthy beardie diet. Calcium with D3 and multivitamins are also important to your beardie’s optimal health.

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