Iguana Care Information

It is no question that people love to have animals as pets, especially exotic animals. Iguanas are no exception, climbing their way into the hearts of thousands of men, women, and children of all ages. The love for iguanas continues to grow, making them amongst one of the most popular reptiles in the United States, as well as the rest of the world.

Iguanas are a rather easy to obtain animal, and many people purchase an iguana without the proper knowledge of how to take care of the animal. Iguanas may be easy to obtain, but they still require a high level of care in order to live a longer and healthier life span. Before purchasing an iguana, one should be aware of the following guidelines:

1.) Contrary to common belief, iguanas (like other pets), need loving attention from their owners to thrive while living in a boxed environment. Reptiles are wild animals that are meant to have the world at their disposal, so putting them in a cage without ever letting them out or attending to them is not ideal.

2.) It is not in an iguanas natural instinct to be friendly towards humans. Iguanas take humans and other large species as potential predators, as they would in the wild. With that being said, iguanas are very smart animals and can be tamed, but you must be patient. Taming an iguana can sometimes take over a month.

3.) Iguanas can actually grow to a length span of up to six feet long, and even reach the age of twenty years old (if given proper care). Make sure you are committed to raising an iguana, because it could be with your for a very long time.

4.) Iguanas can become a pretty costly pet. They are not deemed exotic just because they come from the tropics, but because proper care is needed in raising one. In order to provide proper iguana care, one must spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money into their well-being. You must provide them with a proper sized tank, habitat, food, supplements, and more.

5.) Even someone who has already learned a sufficient amount of knowledge about their pet reptile should still make an effort to learn more. A responsible reptile owner will read up about their pet continuously (As well as a responsible owner for any type of pet).

The problem that many people face is that they simply do not know enough about their new pet iguana. They tend to only ask the staff at the pet shop about iguana care information and they only receive limited answers. In order to learn how to keep your pet healthy and live a full life, one must seek out the necessary information themselves.

Education is the key to success with anything, especially raising and maintaining an exotic pet. It is not enough just to simply have the funds to purchase an iguana along with its habitat, you must learn how to care for it first.

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